Why Pursuing an Education is Impactful

All education contributes some form of value to human lives. From preschool to a doctorate, the right kind of education can contribute to life-changing skills and traits that humans will have for the rest of their life. The more education they pursue, humans are more likely to have an improved lifestyle. 

Furthering one's education allows for opportunities to increase their self-esteem since they are positioning themselves to put their intellect to work. Education also helps advance human judgment in life as they are challenged to think logically and exercise their critical thinking skills inside the classrooms. This also helps increase their situational awareness on a physical level but more on an intellectual level which can be easily applied when diligently handling finances, work projects, and communicating with others in a professional setting. Most importantly, furthering one's education turners one's dreams into a lifetime reality. Having a degree that is marketable in the workplace allows graduates to put their degree to work when applying for new positions or getting promoted to a higher position within the company they work for. 

Fascinatingly, a recent survey shows how lower-income students that obtain their college degree are 5 times more likely to move out of the poverty line in comparison to those that do not obtain a college degree. While a college degree is certainly not for everyone, there is evidence that obtaining a degree has life-changing effects on those that can further their education. Even though there are many other ways to be successful in life without a degree, those that do not make the effort to pursue a higher level of education will receive less personal development that comes with the process of obtaining a degree. 

Why It is More Difficult to Pursue Education and How Students can Overcome These Barriers 

Consequently, many students are struggling to obtain the endless benefits that higher-level education delivers due to the insane costs of tuition across the country and fewer institutions being able to offer flexible financial resources for students who need financial assistance. This makes it hard for both colleges and primarily future grads which is why 7 out of 10 claimed that the lack of financing is causing them to drop out of college and not complete their higher-level education. Many universities are turning to organizations like the Kentucky Student Success Collaborative that partner with college institutions so that they can provide competitive financing options and plentiful campus resources for students. Higher education institutions that partner with the Kentucky Student Success Collaborative can bring down cost and resource barriers that are preventing hundreds of thousands of students from completing their degrees.  

Furthermore, the Kentucky Student Success Collaborative helps college institutions do this by creating custom policies given the situation each school is in. A school that partners with the Kentucky Student Success Collaborative is more business-friendly for students that are seeking to not just obtain a degree but to gain the life benefits that come with furthering their education. Going through school and lacking fundamental resources like food can also hinder educational benefits. 

Because more than half of all college students struggle to have their basic needs met (such as housing, food, and campus resources), it places additional stress on how they will deal with paying their tuition costs. This leads to many students getting burned out which is why more students are sadly dropping out of college. Even if students can complete their degree with minimal campus resources, they will not get the full effect of personal development since most people's brains do not fully develop until the age of 25 years old. 


Despite the ever-increasing financial and resource barriers that are preventing hundreds of thousands of students across the country from receiving the lifetime benefits of higher education, there is still hope for students to overcome these barriers when they study at institutions that partner with the Kentucky Student Success Collaborative. Receiving necessary campus resources such as affordable food, housing, and campus amenities to further enrich their academic experience will positively grow their personal development. Along with a significant reduction in tuition, more students will have the opportunity to increase their self-esteem, advance their judgment, and strengthen their critical thinking skills throughout their academic careers.